RCBC Officers

CHAIRMAN: Roman Kozak

Roman Kozak is the grandson of four World War II Nazi labor camp survivors. His family history and upbringing ingrained in him the values that made the United States the greatest country in the world. He was taught to value and cherish the freedom and incredible opportunity this country gave his family. At the heart of these values are his Christian faith and conservative principles of government.

After his continued work in the background of Republican politics in Beaver County, Roman took on the role of campaign chairman for Aaron Bernstine’s first state representative campaign in 2016. Bernstine ended up defeating an eight-year Democrat incumbent with 59% of the vote in a majority Democrat registration district. A year later, Roman moved on to become campaign chairman of Josh Kail’s first state representative campaign. Josh defeated his opponent with over 60% of the vote. He continued to serve in that role as Kail’s campaign chairman through three successive campaigns. Rep. Kail now serves as the Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus’ Policy Chairman. Roman has also served as a treasurer on a committee that helped flip the Beaver County courthouse to Republican for the first time in over fifty years. Prior to becoming Chairman of the RCBC, Roman was the RCBC sub-committee chair for Outreach and Communications and helped to restructure the committee. He plans to continue doing so to increase efficiency and participation during his tenure.

Roman was unanimously elected to serve as RCBC Chairman in January 2023. He wants to help build the committee into an organization that will grow party registration, increase voter and committee participation, and ensure Republicans continue to win elections here in Beaver County for generations to come.

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Rico Elmore was born and raised among the hard-working people of Beaver County. Rico is a young man who would become an accomplished entrepreneur, a railroad conductor, and an Air Force veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. His mom was a hard-working nurse at Friendship Ridge and always brought home the lesson about caring for other people. He learned that hard work and fair play are what it takes to move ahead in the world.

Rico graduated with honors from Beaver Falls High School and attended Thiel College, Community College of Beaver County, and then received a bachelor’s degree from Penn State. While in college, Rico joined the Air Force Reserve and currently holds the rank of Tech Sergeant. He has served on deployments throughout the world and served in Operation Enduring Freedom. He credits the military for helping to shape his character and teaching him that serving others is one of the surest routes to a meaningful life. Back home in Beaver County, Rico took a job as a conductor for the Norfolk-Southern Railroad, while also investing in real estate and automobile sales.

In his community, he has been a leader in civic activities, working as the Community Coordinator for the Beaver County NAACP, a youth mentor with the Beaver Falls-based Tiger Pause Youth Ministry, and the Beaver Falls High School alumni-led mentoring program Tiger Talk. He is in the process of bringing similar mentoring programs throughout Beaver County. Rico ran for State Representative in the 16th House district in 2022 where he knocked on over 13,000 doors. During this campaign, he helped to expand the Republican Party in areas previously viewed as unwinnable. He is a member of VFW Post 128 in Beaver Falls. Raised in the Christian faith, Rico is a member of the Second Baptist Church in Beaver Falls.

One of his many goals for the RCBC is to develop and expand the conservative message into communities where the Republican Party has struggled to gain ground. His life, grounded in faith and hard work, led him to serve as Vice Chairman of the RCBC.

SECRETARY: Fabiola Gergerich

TREASURER: Chris Treib

The Republican Committee of Beaver County Believes

  • Our Rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Are Given by The Creator and Cannot Be Granted or Taken Away
  • Self-Government Begins with Ourselves First, then Family, Community, State & Nation
  • Government’s First Concern Is the Welfare and Protection of the American People and Their Sovereign Right of Self-Rule 
  • A Strong National Defense Ensures America Remains Safe so Democracy Can Flourish throughout the World
  • Citizens Have a Right to Their Own Hard-Earned Money through Fiscal Responsibility, Low Taxes and Limited Government
  • Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise Have Brought, and Will Continue to Bring, Our Nation Opportunity, Economic Growth and Prosperity 
  • The Unborn Child Is a Human Being from Conception and Is Entitled to the Full Protection of the Law
  • Our Citizens’ Right to Keep and Bear Arms Are Guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution
  • The Legitimate Powers of the United States Are Rooted in the Consent of the American People
    • The Courts Must Interpret Laws as Written by Congress
    • Executive Agencies Must Not Be Allowed to Rewrite Laws to Suit Administrative Priorities, and
    •  Foreign Laws and Precedents Must Not Be Used to interpret Our Constitution 
  • The Rule of Law, Foundational to Our Republic and Representative Government, Properly Preserves the Power of the People to Govern, and Protects the Inalienable Rights of the People as Affirmed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America
  • The Republican Party Is the Best Vehicle for Assuring these Ideals Remain the Positive and Successful Principles and Underpinnings of Our Representative Republic

Approved by RCBC Executive Committee: June 21, 2017