Your Elected Officials

On the Ballot

US Senate

Dr. Mehmet Oz

A firm believer in the Second Amendment and opposes anti-gun red flag laws.

He will work to overturn regulations that are hurting Pennsylvania energy jobs.

A successful heart surgeon – he has literally held a beating heart in his hands. He knows how precious life is and is 100% Pro-Life.

Supports voter ID laws that ensure safe and secure elections.

Will get tough on China and focus on creating jobs here in America so we don’t have to rely on the Chinese.

Will push back on cancel culture by protecting the First Amendment and defending conservatives to say what we see.


US Congress

Jeremy Shaffer

Will put Pennsylvania families first by voting to end out-of-control spending and inflation.

Will fight the attempts to force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions up until the point of birth.

Will encourage increased development of domestic energy to reduce our dependence on hostile countries.

Because free and fair elections are at the core of any functional democracy, he will oppose federalizing elections.

Will remove divisive policies based on race or ethnic group, as everyone should have equal opportunity.

Will stand with law enforcement and stop the Democrats’ radical agenda to defund the police.


PA Governor

Doug Mastriano

Will make Pennsylvania a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary,” where our gun rights will be protected.

Will enforce curriculum transparency and ban Critical Race and Gender Theory Studies

To keep our elections free and fair, he’ll eliminate “no-excuse” mail-in voting, get rid of drop boxes, and pass universal voter ID.

Will protect life through the Heartbeat bill, end funding to Planned Parenthood, and expand counseling for adoption services.

Will encourage investments in the natural gas and coal industries, and he’ll lift regulations, taxes, and fees on these industries.

Will propose a 2023 budget that keeps reckless spending in check and prevent political consultants from registering as lobbyists.


PA State Representative - District 15

State Representative Josh Kail

A lifelong resident of Western Pennsylvania, Joshua D. Kail is a legislator who will work to protect taxpayers, reform Harrisburg and bring family-sustaining jobs to the 15th Legislative District. Pro-life and pro-Second Amendment, Josh is committed to defending constitutional liberties.

He has long understood the importance of controlling taxes while modernizing education, as well as the need to put an end to job-killing overregulation and to apply conservative solutions to our state’s challenges.

For the 2021-22 legislative session, Josh was appointed to serve on the House Education, Environmental Resources and Energy, Judiciary and Rules committees.

Prior to running for office, Josh worked as an attorney representing small and mid-sized businesses and worked as a solicitor for various local governments. He also did work for Beaver County’s Children and Youth Services.

Josh is a graduate of Geneva College and Regent University School of Law. He and his wife, Abby, and their seven children live in Beaver, Pennsylvania.


PA State Representative - District 14

State Representative Jim Marshall

Based on his commitment to bring more accountability to state government, Jim Marshall was elected to represent the 14th District in Beaver and Butler counties in November 2006.

Jim is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment lawmaker who believes in a small government whose duty is to protect the environment and citizens of the Commonwealth and the country from real and present danger. He is committed to the belief that government should be fiscally conservative and maintain a balanced budget. It should not create jobs, but should create an economic environment in which businesses can flourish and produce quality products.

For the 2021-22 legislative session, Jim was appointed to serve as majority chairman of the House Consumer Affairs Committee, which oversees issues relating to cable television, consumer fraud, debt collections, health club membership contracts, landlord/tenant questions, Lemon Law, the Public Utility Commission, transportation network companies, and telephone and mail solicitations. He also retained his seat on the House Transportation Committee, on which he previously served as the chair of the Subcommittee on Transportation Safety and a DUI Taskforce.

In addition to his legislative roles, Jim has served on the Port of Pittsburgh Commission, a board dedicated to promoting the commercial use and development of the inland waterways in western Pennsylvania.

Jim is a lifelong resident of Big Beaver Borough. He served two terms as vice president of Big Beaver Borough Council and has served on the borough’s recreation board for 12 years. He is also a volunteer firefighter for the Big Beaver Borough Volunteer Fire Company and coached his daughter’s softball team for five years.

Jim worked for 22 years at Ag Hog Pittsburgh. His duties included customer relations, system design and field service.

PA State Representative - District 16

Rico Elmore

A note from Rico:

I decided to seek this office because I realize that our country and our community are in turbulent times, never have people and political parties been so divided, and locally we have seen so many of our fellow citizens fall to drug related problems. As an American Airman, I believe in ensuring that our constitutional rights are upheld. I currently hold the position of Rochester Borough Councilman.  As a practical leader, I know we can all work together to bring these sides together for the people. These values of protecting our rights and preparing our children, go hand in hand with my platform that focuses on these initiatives:

  • Reform social programs and legislation for providing a solid foundation for our children
  • Rebuild our communities through support for local businesses and encouraging Non-profit success
  • Reconnect with the people of our community to bring back that social support structure of our neighbors.
  • Putting Community first
  • Empowering justice
  • Creating family sustaining jobs
  • Protecting parents’ values
  • Support Military
  • Protect constitutional rights
  • Lower taxes or balanced budget
  • Protect and Promote the American ENERGY industry